This machine is a special bidirectional hydraulic moulding machine controlled by programmable logic controller. It can produce energy-saving bricks with self-insulation integration. At the same time, it can press and moulding fly ash bricks of various shapes and sizes by changing the moulds. It has high production efficiency and low labor intensity. It can be made into a new energy-saving construction with high strength by using solid industrial waste slag such as steel slag and fly ash. Wood, and can save the country a lot of arable land.

Main structure: forming machine, feeder, hydraulic system, electrical system, brick machine, stacking manipulator and other parts. The main parts of the main engine are portal frame, upper die assembly, die core and core base plate components, No. 3 plate, lower die and ejector components, forming die cavity. Composition of hook assembly and buffer, etc.

The main parts of the feeder are feeding frame, feeding frame, stripping plate, guide rail and silo. Pneumatic pulley is used in the brick-connecting machine. Its principle is simple and reliable, and its operation is convenient. All pneumatic components adopt the valve of famous brand, such as Yadeke, which has reliable performance and precise control. Hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic station, pipeline and cylinder. All hydraulic components are well-known brands at home and abroad. Its performance is reliable and precise. Hydraulic station is composed of oil tank, motor high-pressure pump, integrated valve block, cooler and oil inlet and return filter. At the same time, oil temperature and filter plug alarm device are installed on the tank. When the filter plug is blocked, the alarm device notifies the replacement of filter core.

The electric system adopts Mitsubishi FX2N series PLC programmable controller, Siemens contactor and Omron relay, with automatic operation and fault diagnosis function. And the use of safety logic control can effectively avoid misoperation, ensure that the machine action is efficient and accurate, and also ensure the personal safety of operators.

650T Static Press


650T Static Press
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