1. HF18 automatic block production line without supporting plate is a new type of wall and floor brick production and forming equipment independently developed by Shandong Hongfake Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. It is used to produce various wall bricks, new insulation bricks, pavement bricks, hollow bricks, roadside stones, slope protection, grassland bricks, squares, lanes, wharf bricks, various concrete components, dry barrier bricks, flower pot bricks, fence bricks and so on. The production area of one-time effective brick-making can reach 1.26-1.9 square metres! 

2. Advantages of equipment:

1. Vibration shaping technology of machine: multi-source stepless speed change is adopted, which makes the vibration source and the mould overlap, and isolates the external part with air suspension. As a result, all the vibration force is transmitted to the mould box, and other parts of the equipment can be effectively protected! uuuuuuu The system allows rapid liquefaction of concrete products.

2. Because the moisture content of the material is 30-40% less than that of the common dry-hard concrete, it is quite easy for the material to enter the mould. The company has developed a new type of feeding trolley, which makes the distribution of the material in the mould reach the weight error of bricks and bricks only (+2%).

3. After forming, the product can be stacked because of its low moisture content and high density.

4. When demoulding and encoding bricks, the product should be placed under the mould to ensure not only the tightness of the joint with the mould, but also the integrity of the coded products. Therefore, we designed a lifting platform to seal the mould by adjusting the pressure.

5. Immediately after moulding, stacking, eliminating a large amount of support plate input required by traditional technology, mobile demoulding of the main moulding machine, eliminating the links of lifting machine, descending machine, product transmission, rail car, access and maintenance kiln, etc. The main engine is also a palletizer, which reduces many intermediate links, reduces the input of a large number of supporting equipment and facilities for users, and facilitates equipment maintenance.

6. Breakthroughs in technological process and forming technology have greatly improved the forming speed and area. The optimization of process has made the brick industry no longer a sea of people tactics. Only one person needs to monitor the operation of equipment, one person can drive forklift while driving loader, one to two people can be packed, and the first-line workload can be saved by more than 90%. And there is no need for high-quality professionals!

7. The remote communication control system can be upgraded for the system. It can be used for remote fault inquiry, remote monitoring, prescription memory, fault diagnosis, and automatic control of the whole line combined with the batching system.

8. The new type of truck feeds the material into the mould box quickly and uniformly in a straight line reciprocating manner.

9. With automatic fabric device;

10. Solenoid valves, electro-hydraulic valves and coolers of hydraulic systems are imported in original form. The cooling mode is water cooling (cooling water must be circulating water); the oil tank can be removed and washed.

11. Man-machine interface is used in the electronic control box. Button switch, one-word switch, emergency stop switch, contactor, thermal relay, air switch, wiring terminal and aviation socket are all imported. The cabinet body is second-class sealed. Every movement of the equipment is interlocked and optional manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

12. Air bag vibration reduction system, reduce equipment noise, effectively extend the service life of die and equipment.

QT18-25 No-pallet block making machine


QT18-25 No-pallet block making machine
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