Shandong Hongfa: the advantage of hydraulic block forming machine?


Today, we follow Shandong Hongfa staff to understand the technical advantages of hydraulic block forming machine compared with other brick machines, so that we can better understand the relevant knowledge of block forming machine:

1. the brick produced by block forming machine is cheap and profitable. Considering all the necessary costs, the cost of each marked brick is 9 cents, and the market price is 2-3 times that.

2. The block moulding machine adopts the technology of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration, so that every cycle of equipment operation is consistent, so that the moulding output is high, stability is high, and the rejection rate is low.

3. Block moulding machine uses three bars to press up and down once, and it can be piled up immediately after moulding without a supporting brick board. It is a new type of block brick in China at present.

4. The block moulding machine adopts hydraulic pressure moulding with bench mode combined vibration and reciprocating guide feeding device. It has short moulding cycle, high production efficiency, high quality, compact strength and precise size.

5. Compared with the traditional clay brick machine, the raw materials of the block forming machine can be industrial waste slag: fly ash, coal gangue, slag, smelting slag and various tailings slag as the main raw materials. More environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, waste recycling.

6., according to the production needs, the program can be programmed to realize manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation.

7. Block forming machine body is made of high precision, high strength castings and special welding technology and materials. It has good steel, vibration resistance and long service life.

8. Block forming machine is multi-purpose. By changing the mould, we can produce porous bricks, hollow blocks, curb stones, road bricks, grass-planting and tree-planting bricks, Plaid bricks and other cement products.

The above is the hydraulic block machine we Shandong Hongfa staff finishing technology, I hope for your help, more on issues related to the block forming machine welcome to consult the online customer service staff in our Shandong Hongfa, we will wholeheartedly for your service, you can also visit our official website Understand:

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